There are twenty works from the Cosmic Strips series available for exhibitions. The works are pencil, colored pencil and acrylic on denril, a translucent polypropalene/vellum.
They are panoramic images, all 54" in height and varying in width from 105" to 144". One work is vertical and is 96" high. Denril is a tough, light-weight material that comes in rolls.
The works are stored and transported rolled and are extremely compact. For exhibit purposes, they are simply rolled out and installed directly on the wall with Velcro or Command
strips, adhered to a white wall. In galleries, magnets have also been used directly on the images. The works have all been sealed with an acrylic spray and are fairly impervious to
touch, wear and public traffic.

Public Interaction: I can be available to discuss and give tours of the works. They are symbolic/narrative in nature and can easily be related to by all ages.
Students or public projects can also be developed that employ the principles of the works.

The Victory Hall Press 88 page book, Cosmic Strips, is published and currently available on Amazon and other online sellers.
Because this is a print-on-demand item, the text can be added to/adapted in order to reflect a new exhibition and institution.  

There is also a poster-sized
Chart for The Cosmic Strips- Here

Travel/Installation: These are large-scale works that travel very economically and are very simple to install.       
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I work in conceptual series and often whole sets of works are shown together. My exhibits are designed with a sense of story and spectacle that make them appealing to the public.

As a very active exhibition organizer and curator myself, I work with my team and with over 200 individual artists per year to organize and install about 80 solo-room exhibits and
annual large-scale exhibits.I also moderate monthly artist talks and give scores of exhibit tours of other artists' works as well as my own work year-round to people of all ages.
I understand the demands of exhibition spaces and have put together the following  exhibit plans for my work.
Download/veiw the pdf here
Installation of Cosmic Strips at Chambers Gallery, Portland OR 2009