2001-3   click to enlarge
The Follies followed the Bad Gardeners. I started the series immediately after September 11th, 2001 as a way of responding to the shock of the attack on New York, Pennsylvania and DC- all
in places I lived or had lived close to, and the fear and war that followed. The idea of the frieze, the wide strip came from comic strips as well as ancient imagery. The connection to the ancient
or the mythic is important, in that it alludes to the fallible nature of mankind that never changes and never really learns. The myths tell us that each of us must learn the same lessons all through history and
unless we learn from history and wisdom we will be doomed to repeat the same errors as the people who have gone before.   
The imagery draws from works by Salvador Dali, Goya, El Greco and others, including the Dr. Suess story about the empty pants.