Tilted World: Paintings and sculpture about the structure of light
by James Pustorino at Casa Colombo, Jersey City.

The complexities of our physical existence; the angle of the earth towards the sun, how light is reflected as color, the relative nature of

what is up or down, serve as the basis for James Pustorino's layered structural designs. The works build a system of multiple
compositions that are meant to parallel the simultaneous activities of the natural world that happen invisibly and visibly all around us.
Concepts of myth, mathematics and music are engaged to create geometric forms, patterns of repetition and variation, rhythms and
visual voices that are the building blocks of the painti

Tilted World refers not only to the delicate balance of our existence: the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth on its axis that accounts for our
seasons, but as a counterpart to the Floating World - a lifestyle and art movement in Japan in the 1700s and 1800s which produced
influential graphic print-works along with music and writing which focused on disengaging from the world and creating a world of
pleasure-while still expressing desire for a meaningful existence. In a similar way, making art in our contemporary society reflects our
individual balancing of an acute awareness of the world situation with deep involvement in both creative problem solving and a search
for something that takes us beyond to greater or more perfect vision.

James Pustorino is an artist curator, and arts organizer and is Director of DRAWING ROOMS, an art-space in Jersey City exhibiting
hundreds of artists from the NY/NJ area. As Executive Director of Victory Hall Inc. a Jersey City based non-profit arts organization,
he has published books of artists' works and produces exhibitions and public art projects in Jersey City and lower Manhattan as well
as directing projects for students and classes for developmentally disabled artists.

Pustorino received a 2019 Fellowship for painting from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. He has exhibited in venues
throughout the U.S., including the Columbus Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, and the Jersey City Museum, and has
had solo exhibitions with Chambers 916 Gallery in Portland, OR.