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These works are part of the Superstructures Series. The Superstructures are about light,
mostly in the cosmic sense; creating a drawing and painting system that describes an
“impossible“ structure – one that can perhaps only be built with drawing and color - where
the color represents light waves as separated into component colors. The works rely on
innate drawing ability - the idea that we can understand and express our experience of
spatial realities through cultivating our ability to draw; that through drawing we can
explore/express the physics of the world we exist in and are a part of.

This is art not science, however, so all of these concepts are passed through the language
of graphics and the comic strip — traditionally a vehicle of fantastic exploration. The scale
and treatment of the works is meant to encompass the viewer and I suppose the
approach can be considered Post-Pop. For me the reclaiming of popular or commercial
media does not become a paraphrase or an ironic comment. It is a rich visual language
developed over a century that has impact and communicates to the current generation.
‘Superstructure’ is a term used to describe that part of a building or ship that is above a
baseline, either ground or water. In this case I am using it to refer to a baseline of earth or
the visible world. These are structures that I like to think exist above and beyond us, an  
additional point is that putting “super” in front of anything is an immediate reference to
the comic media.   

The Sound of a Star:
Light Invincible
pencils, acrylics, on denril
108" x 78"
superstructures and sound of a star

Light, like Sound
mixed media on denril,
114" x 84"

With the sun in my I
(can i try again?)
mixed media on denril,
84" x 108"

pencils, acrylics, on denril
90" x 108"

The fire folded in upon itself        
pencils, acrylics, on denril
90" x 108"

The light you see today
belongs to tomorrow      
pencils, acrylics, on denril
90" x 108"