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Spatial Intelligence - Oct-Nov 2014Odetta Gallery, NYC

Two-month solo Exhibitions at
Chambers 916 gallery, Portland OR

March/April 2011  Universechild-
Installation of the 12 drawings that comprise the series.
installation images
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April/May 2009  Cosmic Strips- The entire series of almost 20 large-scale works were rotated
during the exhibit period.
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The Buzz
Portland Mercury

Solo Exhibition of 14 images from the Cosmic Strip and Space We're In series. at John
Meagher Rotunda Gallery, City Hall Jersey City, NJ September 2007

June- September/08  You Must be Dreaming-  Windows on Columbus and Lobby at
Columbus & Greene St, Jersey City
Public Installation of work from American studies series
James Pustorino received a 2019 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.
James Pustorino is an artist curator, and arts organizer and is Director of Victory Hall DRAWING ROOMS, a ten room art-space in Jersey City exhibiting hundreds of artists from the NY/NJ area. As Executive Director of
Victory Hall Inc. a Jersey City based non-profit arts organization, he publishes books of artists' works and produces exhibitions and public art projects in Jersey City and lower Manhattan as well as directing many projects
for students and classes for developmentally disabled artists.
He has organized and curated or co-curated over 60 exhibitions in Jersey City, Manhattan and in Pittsburgh, where he began organizing exhibitions involving over 50 artists in public spaces and small museums in the
1990s. More recently, working with Victory Hall’s Victory Arts Projects, he has organized large scale exhibitions at MANA Fine Arts 2011 and the Jersey City Art Fair 2009/2010, a summer gallery at South Street Seaport,
NYC 2009, and a display of 50 artwork banners encircling a city block at the 77 Hudson/70 Greene Building, JC.   

In 2012, working with the staff and board of DRAWING ROOMS, he began renovating an unused convent building in the Paulus Hook area of Jersey City for use as an art center. The building suffered damage by
Hurricane Sandy two weeks after its initial opening and after more work was finally re-opened in May 2013. He and his team organized and curated 7 exhibits within the first year including a small painting exhibit
featuring 75 area painters.

Pustorino received his BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1983, and has been involved in developing and teaching art educational programs throughout his career including a high school student mural program at
the Jersey City Museum 2010, student public art projects with Jersey City Redevelopment Agency at MLK HUB, JC 2010, the Jersey City Museum's Saturday Art Program 2007-09, Victory Hall's after-school and weekend
programs 2001-7. Previously he was manager of the City of Pittsburgh's Summer Art Cart Program.  

Pustorino has exhibited in venues throughout the U.S., including the Columbus Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, and the Jersey City Museum, and has had several solo exhibitions with Chambers 916 Gallery
in Portland, OR.
His artwork uses graphic, abstract and realistic form to explore concepts of narrative and spatial/structural composition.                 email:
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In my work process I engage concepts and actions that I have classified as Myth, Math,
Memory, Music, Movement--while in the physical sense, I encounter Materials, the
Man-Made and the Mark.

Myth is a conceptualization of a reality or truth which is greater than ourselves and provides
or searches for meaning. Myth is what motivates all to act as we do: I, for example, I
choose to believe the myth that love lasts a lifetime, and my response is to marry and work
towards the fulfillment of that myth-to allow myself to be changed and adjusted as my myth
of love leads me. Our myths are collective, building through our cultures, media and family
history. All my work starts with myth in some way, with a vision of a structure or image that
holds my own or collective aspirations. Sometimes, as in the America/landscape series,
the myth (America itself) is the subject as well.

Math, for me, is the building of a structure, finding the points in space and connecting the
lines, creating systems, adding and subtracting and balancing the parts. This, when this is
done through drawing and paint,  is a very different exploration than if one had to build
objects in physical space, and much more speculative. An inspiration for how I consider
Myth and Math together is how Einstein and other physics create myth-stories in real
space-sometimes gridded, diagrammed space, to explain mathematical concepts.   

Memory-as I work, I draw upon experience of art and life: internal images put together from
what I have seen, places I have been, impressions of light air heaviness solidity etc.

Music provides a poetic pattern that is physically compelling music provides passages
where different things happen, music tells an abstract story, music culminates into a
whole experienced and lived through time.

Movement, finally is what I perceive how to effect in the image--it can come first but is
usually only fully realized at the end.