Jill Scipione: Psalms and Prophets:

In the early 1990s Jill Scipione began a series of works with the intent of creating a space that would
be descriptive of concepts from passages of the Biblical Psalms and Prophets, particularly Isaiah
and Ezekiel.  In these images, which started as dark lines drawn into light, then became light traced
into dark; her drawing line became a painted trail of movement, creating and diffusing figures, forms
and atmospheres.

Four or five groups of work emerged, including themes of wheels/vehicles, structures, landscapes,
and eventually a set in which parts of figures from Giotto's early Renaissance paintings are
restructured. The entire series consists of about sixty oil on linen or canvas paintings,varying in size
from 6 x 5 ft to 5 x 4 ft with additional smaller works and drawings.
As Scipione’s subsequent work developed into incredibly realistic renditions of flesh, meat and
bones that sometimes comprise forms of wheels and vehicles, the images in these earlier paintings
became source and symbol for the new works. In the recent pieces, the drawn forms created here
are starting to emerge again, as archetypal images that exist in the same space as the realistic
Psalms and Prophets