Jill Scipione's work presents us with
emphatic images that we often may
encounter as symbols, but here have an
individual specificity and power, engaging
concepts from conceptual and pop,
photo-realist and minimalist art while not
clearly allyng to any of these categories.

Her source material is as experiential as
possible. She has had both short-term and
long-term study residencies in major
museums working from biological and
anthropological collections, has employed
butcher charts from the meat-packing
industry, and has studied renaissance

Combining precise, empirical rendering with
gestural drawing, and photo-realistic
painting effects, Scipione's works also
make use of collaged and repeated forms.
Through a variety of methods including
observational study, photocopying and use
of projectors, light boxes and digital
images, she creates images that include
duplications of her own drawings and her
source material,assembling these into both
new forms and forms borrowed from

Jill Scipione's art been shown in galleries,
museums, and art-spaces in New York City,
New Jersey, Boston, Santa Fe, and
throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.
She is a founder and educational director
of Victory Hall DRAWING ROOMS, a
non-profit art-space in Jersey City.

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Meat series
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Rivers and Floods


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